03/Mar/2022 14:10 - 14:40

lang-EN room A103, Povo 1 and on Zoom Webinar

Company Researcher Student

Open Research “Digital Transformation of supply chains: challenges and opportunities”

With prof. Marco Formentini (DISI, University of Trento),
prof. Anthony Roath and prof. Tyler Morgan (Department of Supply Chain Management, Harbert College of Business, Auburn University)
Justin Patton (RFID Lab Director, Auburn University)

In this session, Marco Formentini will introduce the theme of Digital Transformation in the context of supply chain management.
Digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. are reshaping the way companies are managing and reorganizing their business processes, and the relationships with suppliers and customers throughout their supply chains.
In collaboration with Anthony Roath and Tyler Morgan we will discuss the implications of digitalization, the challenges and the opportunities for companies in adopting digital technologies in their supply chains, presenting insights from our research.


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