Not only those enrolled in the DISI Bachelor’s, master’s degrees and doctoral programs, but also high school students, as well as anyone interested in discovering our Department educational offer.
Students can participate in orientation events to discover all the training opportunities and services offered by DISI; they can meet companies face-to-face to find out what are the job opportunities in the ICT field, and boost their professional career; they can participate in thematic seminars and visit in person the DISI educational laboratories; finally, they can obtain useful information about university associations.

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Companies can present their research field during the thematic Round tables, and learn about the state of the art of research at DISI by participating in the Open Research sessions and the PhD students poster session. Finally, they can meet DISI students face-to-face during dedicated sessions.

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They can participate in numerous seminars focused on the most innovative research topics carried on at DISI, as well as visit live the DISI laboratories.

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This year DISI wants to open its doors to all citizens curious to know what happens in a Department, and what kind of research is being carried out there. During a dedicated afternoon, citizens will be able to visit the educational laboratories in person, in order to learn more about the world of ICT and the contribution that research can make to the economic, social and cultural growth of the area.

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