Google will never hire me!

In this online seminar dedicated to the students and PhD students of the University of Trento we will host the founders of Superheroes Valley, a non-profit community with 1300+ members that aims to prepare students for interviews at Big IT Companies such as Google, Amazon , Facebook and Apple.

Fabrizio Waldner and Cristian Burrini, respectively Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and Engineering Manager at Google, will also participate in the event. Fabrizio and Cristian will share the story of their path to Google and provide an overview of opportunities to join this large company. Above all they care to testify that anybody with passion and motivation can enter a FAANG company and share some tips on how to do that.

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4:00 Presentation by SuperHeroes Valley. Speakers: Remo Andreoli, Alessandro Berti, Luca Corbucci and Eugenio Paluello
4:30 Presentation by Fabrizio Waldner and Cristian Burrini – Google
5:00 Q&A
5.30 End of the event


Free participation upon registration online by 23 February at 1:00 pm.
This event is dedicated to students and PhD students enrolled at the University of Trento